New(ish) site

May 11, 2021

I thought it was about time to write about my little corner of the internet :)

My first site,, is a Jekyll blog deployed on GitHub pages. It was easy to set up and update, but it didn't look great on mobile and I didn't implement a responsive design from the outset. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of Liquid and would've preferred to write code in the vein of a modern JS framework (e.g. React, Vue).

I decided to recreate my personal website using Gridsome and Tailwind CSS. Gridsome provides all the benefits of jamstack with the familiarity and flexibility of writing Vue code. Tailwind has a mobile first breakpoint system that makes it really easy to build UIs for different screen sizes. This stack checked a bunch of boxes for me and overall seemed like a solid selection for my new internet home.

I wanted to preserve the general workflow of my first site: code is kept in a GitHub repo and deploys are triggered when I push code. There are no shortage of deployment options, and Gridsome can easily deploy to several of these platforms (e.g. GitHub Pages, Netlify, Vercel). I decided to try Netlify since a friend mentioned liking it and I had already used GitHub Pages.

I guess that's pretty much it? Here's the source code or you can fork if you like!