Time Again

August 5, 2021


You only call

When you need help

And I pick you up

From somewhere else

And bring you back

You bring me down

So I bring it up

Just to make you yell

Hey hey don't turn away

You don't You don't know where to go

Well I'm already on my way

I don't give a fck what you think you know

I arrive

In the thick of it

And I realize

That my hide's too thin

It's light outside

I breath heavy on your line

You ask "what is wrong"

Please don't talk just spend my time

Does it have to be this way?

Maybe we can figure it out

Gimme a minute to change

Leave you staying the same

I can't go back

But my mind's stuck there

I look inside

To find I'm without

You're looking at me

I was looking to you

A few honest words

And a sigh that'll do

Time and time again

I let it pass me by

And when it starts to end

I will miss I don't know why

I will miss I don't know...