Projects are my favorite way to learn!

I love to build things I can use everyday

For instance, this password 🔑 manager, which I use on my desktop and iPhone daily! While researching VPNs in 2019, I rolled my own cloud ☁️ VPN setup. I've since migrated to a managed VPN service; however, I got A LOT of mileage out of this "DIY VPN". My friend even used it on his phone without issue!

I enjoy automating and improving workflows

For much of 2020, I was hacking on public bug-bounty programs. There are a plethora of existing bug-bounty tools. However, I built my own as a learning exercise and a way to automate repetitive, manual processes. This recon 🔍 tool allowed me to bulk enumerate in-scope domains for bug bounty programs by simply passing a configuration file from the program's web page.

I like tackling complex problems

Reading through specifications, reviewing other implementations, and building my own. These steps help cement my understanding of how a system works and why it was designed the way it was. Not too long ago, I created my own implementation of the Double Ratchet and Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman Algorithms, allowing users to send encrypted messages to each other over WebSockets.

I'm interested in assisting other developers

In 2021, I've worked on a couple projects to make TLS certificate 🔐 issuance and renewal more accessible. This effort piggybacks on a much larger undertaking by the ISRG and other organizations to increase Internet security. Developers have many tools at their disposal to secure their websites and web services. I've focused on ways to make this tooling even easier to use.

What have I been working on recently?