Projects I've worked on:

  • ptt

    Packet Tube Transport: a CLI for directly and securly sharing information with other people. Uses TLS hole punching (see below).

  • sightsea

    🌊 Web app that allows you to modify pixel RGB values on the fly using formulas.

  • site

    🧰 A simple website starter kit! Uses Astro, Vue, Tailwind CSS and other tech I like.

  • spa

    📐 A Single Page Application (SPA) template

  • this site!

    My personal website

  • tls-hole-punching

    👊 Hole punching for direct, reliable, and secure p2p communication. I blog about it!

  • vomblog

    Chronicled chaos

  • whimsee

    👀 👀 👀

Want to see more? Check out my GitHub