Zach Balder


Software engineer interested in designing applications and building web infrastructure.

Technical Skills

LanguagesJavaScript, Python, Go, Bash
FrameworksFastify, React, Vue, Express
DatabasesDynamoDB, MongoDB, Redis, SQLite+Sequelize
Cloud/CDNAWS, Cloudflare, Vercel, Netlify, Linode
AWSCloudFront, EC2, ELB/ALB, Lambda, S3, API Gateway
ProxiesBurp, HAProxy, HTTP/S, SOCKS+SSH
VPNsWireGuard, OpenVPN, Perimeter 81

Work Experience

Wisiwig, Lead Engineer & Cofounder

Jun 2022 - present

Tech: Node+npm, git+GitHub, Lambda, DynamoDB, React

  • Built MVP Chrome extension for pilot program in <6 weeks
  • Designed and deployed REST API, database, and React app
  • Set up dashboard to measure user engagement over time

Gatherly, Senior Software engineer

Nov 2020 - Aug 2021

Tech: Node+npm, git+GitHub, TypeScript, DynamoDB, React

  • Contributed code and PR review on spatial video-chat app
  • Added logging via Slack webhooks to lower response times
  • Secured cloud resources with VPN in preparation for audit
  • Led frontend migration to CDN to improve performance & UX
  • Automated release process and feature branch deployment
  • Constructed staging environment to QA before production

Starry, Software engineer

Jun 2018 - Feb 2020

Tech: Node+npm, git+GitHub, Docker+Compose, MongoDB, Vue

  • Contributed code and PR review on several projects
  • Built library to make encryption easier for team
  • Created SNMP service to configure field hardware
  • Wrote full-coverage tests and made infrastructure design decisions


Northwestern University

Sep 2013 - Jun 2016

Bug Bounty

  • Jul 2020: $2K for bug on Robinhood's HackerOne
  • Apr 2020: $750 for bug on Robinhood's HackerOne
  • Mar 2020: $150 for bug on Glassdoor's HackerOne


  • Web applications
  • Computer networking
  • Cyber Security
  • Singing / keyboard / saxophone
  • Digital art